This course provides an introduction to the theory and the practice of teaching writing to college students. Designed for new faculty at Queens, the practicum focuses particularly on the pedagogies we use in our First Year Writing courses. You’ll work with your colleagues within and beyond this department to confront the questions that await you as a new teacher of English 110 and English 130.

Some of those questions have fairly clear answers, as you will discover. You’ll learn how and why we work across the disciplines at Queens to prepare our students to succeed in the General Education curriculum. And you’ll benefit from the experience of others as you develop specific practices of writing pedagogy that work for you.

But while some of the central questions we’ll raise in this course prove answerable, most exist also in an intellectual tradition that is sufficiently rich to occupy you for the rest of your life. We will refer to that tradition as we debate the best ways foster a real scholarly conversation in writing—among ourselves as well as our students.

We’ll raise questions that lead to deeper questions, like: How can we help our students make the best use of the huge array of skills and talents they bring to our classes, and how can we teach them to write and speak with authority wherever they choose to go from here?

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