The primary goal of this course is to launch new faculty at Queens into meaningful careers as scholars and teachers, with the recognition that teaching—like writing—is fundamental to the work of academics in the humanities.

More officially and concretely, this practicum aims to help its participants build:

  • An introduction to the field of composition and writing pedagogy;
  • A foundation for your teaching practice, building on theoretical and
  • historical insights of scholars in the field;
  • A vocabulary you can use to question the aims and methods of that
  • pedagogical practice for as long as you have it;
  • An intellectual community for your work as a writer and a teacher;
  • A working portfolio of course documents, writing assignments, lesson plans,
  • etc.;
  • A pedagogy that attends to the needs and abilities of our students at Queens;
  • A scholarly practice that informs—and is informed by—the work you do as a teacher.
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