The practicum depends heavily on the quality and constancy of its participants’ engagement from week to week. Consequently, 60% of the course grade is derived from that kind of work:

Blogging                                                                            30%

Participation, presentations, in-class writing   30%

Response paper                                                              20%

Annotated Revision of Your Syllabus                    20%

Note also that the monthly workshops run by First Year Writing are part of this course. Attendance and participation at them counts toward the practicum grade.

Blog posts are graded by the level of engagement they represent. Posts that appear after the deadline but before the class meeting are penalized 25%. Posts that appear after the class meeting are penalized 50%, since lateness defeats the point of the blog: to formulate our ideas for discussion before we meet.

Presentations may not be rescheduled, because the class depends on each presenter to begin the discussion for the day.

Participation: Your participation grade depends on the collegiality and professionalism that you bring to the seminar every week. This is a general rubric for the assessment of participation:

A=daily, thoughtful participation in class discussion, all in-class writing

B=Frequent to occasional participation in class discussion, all in-class                                     assignments

  C=Participation only when called on or prompted, some attendance                                         problems, most in-class assignments

D=Inability to participate even when called on, or serious attendance problems;                    some in-class assignments

F=Consistent lack of preparation for class, severe attendance problems


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