Week 6


I’m late posting the papers because you were late sending them– only one of you got your drafts in on Friday as planned, so these are late getting back to you. Next time, let’s work out a schedule that’s realistic for all and stick to it as well as we can so everybody knows what to expect and can plan accordingly. (I’m not mad, just grouchy about the state of the world and scrambling to get these papers back to you ASAP.)

Here they are.

So, for Tuesday, read all four drafts (three essays and a poem), and think about how you would guide each writer toward the strongest revision possible.

To do that, make notes for each one:

  1. Summarize the goal of the draft as you understand it. What is the thesis or guiding intention?
  2. Note the place in the draft where you see that intention stated most explicitly.
  3. Identify the most promising features of the essay.
  4. List 3-5 questions you could ask and/or statements you could make to prompt the writer to take fuller advantage of those strengths.

And think back to our discussion about grades, which we will continue this week.

How would you begin to grade these drafts if they were submitted as final revisions– and how could our reading on this subject help you? We’ll compare notes when we meet.

And in your comment below, reflect on what you notice as you work through the papers so we can use our time together to:

a) focus on specific questions the drafts raise for you, but also

b) make sure to talk about the bigger questions that come up for you in the process.


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