Week 9b (11)

O, plagiarism. It can be a grim subject, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

We’ve talked about this a bit, and I’ve seen you working to develop classroom practices that foster academic integrity as a constitutive part of the writing process, generally. That’s the goal, as I see it.

How can we get closer to that goal– or how would you refine the goal, if it’s not that, and how would you work toward it? How might the articles for this week help us with this, or not?

I’d like to ground that discussion also in specificities, particularly with respect to:

  • Lesson plans
  • Grading

These are issues that you mentioned that you’d like to discuss further, and I think that’s an excellent idea.

We started talking about the sample essays/poem last week, and I think we should return to them next week– to continue our conversation about grading, also with an eye to questions about source use.

After all, plagiarism represents just the outer limit of a much more mundane– and therefore common– pedagogical question: How can we best teach our students to use sources in a meaningful way, establishing their voices as writers within a larger conversation that precedes them? And how should we measure/communicate their ability to achieve that effect?

I’d also like to look at some lesson plans. If you have a lesson plan that went well for you, or that you have questions about, or that illustrates something you’d like to discuss, will you send it to me? I’ll make copies, and we’ll discuss next week.

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