Week 9d (13)

Omg, it’s week 13. Your drafts of your seminar paper are due, and I want to use the occasion to do two things:

  • Do a workshop and some peer review together, imitating the ways you do these things with your students to ask: what works, what doesn’t, and what we can learn from the ways the whole thing feels to us as we do it?
  • Air the ideas you have for your papers, so you can hear from each other about what’s interesting to you and pool your resources as you revise your drafts.

And. I also want to do some practical work with lesson plans, so I’m reposting the link to the page where you can post yours for our discussion. (The settings are fixed, so you can just paste your text directly into the doc.)

Especially: Post your lesson plan for your draft workshops! Then we can workshop a couple of your drafts using different lesson plans and talk together about what we like about each.

Then, also. Our weeks are dwindling, and we have visits next week from Karen (our dept. chair) and Marco (the director of the Writing Center). We’ve left lots of discussion threads dangling over these weeks, and I could choose which ones we need to resume, but I would prefer to hear from ¬†you.

What questions are most pressing on your mind at this point, and which of our topics are most desperately in need of our return?

Also, if you want to talk about your paper as it’s in progress, I’d love to do that. I usually have a little time to chat after our seminar on Tuesdays, but those aren’t my regular office hours. You can sign up here for a meeting in the extra office hours I’ll hold for the next several weeks.

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